Cachet, Items, and Artifacts


Cachet represents your overall standing within your Faction and what sort of resources they see fit to offer you in support. Cachet is not a currency and is not 'spent' like money or gold. Instead, Cachet is a rating that represents your Faction's willingness to give you precious equipment. Think of it not as a box of apples or sack of herbs that the character personally owns, but rather as how much good will the character has racked up with their Faction's quartermasters.

Players start with 10 Cachet at character creation. For each Quest (Expeditions and Excursions) that a Player goes on and reports via PEL they will earn 1 additional Cachet to a maximum of 2 per game, to an overall potential maximum of 30 over the course of the Campaign.


Player Characters have 3 Equipment Slots. Generally speaking, In Game Items that are Equipment obtained through a Faction Store take up one Equipment Slot each. Sometimes through the course of the game Players may find powerful Items known as Artifacts. A Player may only Equip one Artifact at a time, and doing so uses 10 Cachet.

Items and Faction Stores

Between each Event (and before the first Event, after Cabin Assignments), Players will have access to their Faction Store. Each Faction Store has Equipment that Players may obtain by using some of their Cachet. Unlike money, Cachet is never permanently spent. Instead, if a Player decides that they no longer want to use a particular Item as part of their loadout, the Cachet they spent on that Item is returned to them to use on other Items. Essentially, think of Items and Equipment as lesser Skills that can be swapped between Events. For example:

Before an Event, Mark has 15 Cachet. He gets 3 Vials of Acid for 5 Cachet each (15 Cachet total) from his Faction Store. While the acid proves useful at the Event, Mark's friend Cindy dies a horrible, horrible, lingering death because no one on a particular mod group was a Chirurgeon. Mark realizes that having some emergency Healing would be a good idea. Before the next Event, Mark removes one of the Vials of Acid from his loadout, freeing up 5 Cachet, which he uses to pick up a Potion of Healing. Going into the next event, Mark has 2 Vials of Acid and a Healing Potion. Plus a spare 2 Cachet from going on a pair of Quests last Event.

Items will be included on the Character Sheet you receive when you Check In before each Event. Because of this, your loadout for the Event must be locked into the CDB before the Friday of Game On. Items are not transferable between characters (with the exception of Artifacts, see below).

Due to the unpredictable world of Hexenstein (and Player Agency), the Items available in Faction Stores may change periodically. Items will remain in your loadout until removed, but once removed from your Equipment Slots you may or may not be able to find them again.


In addition to items that you can purchase in the Faction Stores, various powerful items called Artifacts will be found throughout the world. Players must use 10 Cachet to add an Artifact to their loadout for an Event. Artifacts can be traded between Players between Events via the CDB once both players perform some setup (to be announced).

For Example - While out on a Quest, Beatrice found the Holy Stone of St. Galvin, an Artifact that allows the holder to throw a packet for “3 damage by Fire” once per Short Rest while holding the stone in their off hand. Although Beatrice found this useful, they are currently set up to be a Sword and Shield Fighter and having to hold it in their off-hand is a bit untenable. As such, they give it to Jane, who is a caster and usually has a hand free to use it. Jane looks at her character sheet and sees that she does not have an empty Equipment Slot. Looking at her items, she crosses out a Healing Potion so she can hold onto the Artifact and use it for the rest of the weekend. Once Jane gets home, she must remember to go to the CDB and remove the Healing Potion so that she can wield the Artifact without a problem.

Due to the nature and power of Artifacts, players are only allowed to have ONE Artifact on them at any given time.