The Omniversal Church Apocryphate

The Omniversal Church Apocryphate

Ostensibly an organization for the sharing and collation of information regarding the Harrowing and its theological implications, the Omniversal Church Apocryphate exists for a variety of reasons, including some so pragmatic and petty they border on the venal. It is absolutely true that Elder Ignacio Torrent of the Church Columnar maintained a decades-long friendship with Elder Mathalida Gard of the Diadox Church. Likewise, it is absolutely true that the two of them sought to coordinate their efforts towards understanding the Harrowing and its consequences. It is also equally true that their superiors allowed said efforts to continue (in some cases going so far as to offer material support) primarily as a means of surveillance. That is to say: while the majority of members of the Omniversal Church Apocryphate join because of an earnest desire to understand what has become of the Gods, there are a considerable number who have joined at the behest of their superiors for the primary purpose of keeping an eye on the activities of members from the opposing church or rival orders.

As the name suggests, the Omniversal Church Apocryphate is open to all who wish to join. The majority come from some manner of ecclesiastical office or tradition, but a number of scholars, soldiers, and even former farmers have entered the ranks—faith, like the need to know, transcends class as easily as it transcends national borders.

The Omniversal Church Apocryphate is organized into a series of semi-independent bodies known as Enquiries, each of which is formed to look into specific reports of true miracles or holy sites or objects. Enquiries are ultimately accountable to the Dispositive College, a small group made up of revered theologians and religious scholars. Despite the hypothetical oversight by the Dispositive College, Enquiries are functionally autonomous entities, undertaking investigations when, where, and how they see fit. As the Omniversal Church Apocryphate lacks individual power, such investigations are inevitably subject to the cooperation and whims of the ruler of the subject under investigation. Barring intervention by one of the established churches, such rulers can, and often do, shut down Enquries that may bring questionable or unflattering information to light.

Tradition and dogma both dictate that Enquiries be comprised of at least three members, preferably representing both churches. Secular members, especially scholars, are prized participants in Enquiries as an additional safeguard against charlatans and confidence people. If all members of an Enquiry are well and truly convinced that they have found evidence of a true miracle—one which goes above the base knitting of flesh, for example—they can then reach out to the Dispositive College for a review of their findings.

While there have been believable reports of angelic activity within the past two decades, to date, the Dispositive College has found no evidence of a true miracle’s occurrence since the onset of the Harrowing.

Prominent Members

High Sextant Marcus Amberwise: Formerly a minor functionary in the Diadox Church, Amberwise owes his current position not to any particular skill or political connection, but rather to the simple fact that all those more suited to the position are dead. When he is not overseeing the church properties in his territories, he aids the Omniversal Church Apocryphate, specifically in investigating what he believes to be a longstanding conspiracy among the supposedly faithful.

Inquisitor Jonathan Stern: Considered “zealous” even by his fellow witch hunters, Inquisitor Stern scours the borderlands between the Ayanian Empire and the Eilstern Demesnes for heretics and apostate magic users. While not cruel per se, Inquisitor Stern has no mercy for those under Question, and brings a cold, unswerving certainty to all Enquiries in which he participates.

Sibling Gloriana: Only somewhat affectionately referred to as a “holy terror,” Sibling Gloriana is as famed for her piety as she is notorious for her severity. The bearer of several minor relics, Sibling Gloriana is wholly devoted to the Omniversal Church Apocryphate and wanders the lands offering spiritual guidance to those in need while following up on purported miracles.