Hexenstein teaser: Open Skills

Open Skills

Skill CP Cost Description
First Aid 3 Requires: Stay With Me, Buddy! After 1m of Focus you may Touchcast "Stabilize by First Aid." At will, you may Touchcast "Diagnose (Stable / Unstable / Damage / Dead / Maim / Paralyze / Root / Drain / Stun / Weakness / Slow / Poison / Disease)". With 1m of Focus on a stationary target you may Touchcast "Cure Maim"
Melee 2 This Skill can be purchased up to 4 times. Please consult the chart below for the benefits of each tier.
Nefarious Devices 1 You can pick locks and deal with traps. Do NOT expect that you will come across such things every Event, this is a “sometimes” treat that you, personally, may or may not see
Ranged Attack 4 Each purchase of this Skill allows for the use of one of the following combat styles: Flintlock, Archery (Bows and Crossbows), Thrown Weapon, or Arcane (Packets as Magic / Alchemy)
Stay With Me, Buddy! 1 At will you may Touchcast "Beginning First Aid," thereby pausing a Target's bleed out count. Note that you cannot Stabilize someone with this Skill
Melee Tier Fighting Styles / Weapons Maximum Armor
1 Single Short Weapon or Targe 1
2 Single Long Weapon, Bow / Crossbow (Blocking Only), Single Buckler, Single Caestus 2
3 Long Weapon / Short Weapon, Short Weapon / Short Weapon, Long Weapon / Caestus, Staff, Glaive, Two Handed Weapon, Long Weapon / Bow or Crossbow, Long Weapon / Targe 3
4 Long Weapon / Long Weapon, Long Weapon / Staff or Glaive, Long Weapon / Buckler, Polearm 4