Whether members of the Academy proper or not, Academics are those who seek to understand the world around them. Bookish types, research alchemists, scriveners, and monks are all examples of Academics.

Suppressing Fire


You may make a Ranged Attack for "Stagger"



When struck by a Called Damage effect with no Trait (other than the unspoken 'by Weapon') you may call "Reduce to Agony and Repel"

Can't We Just Let Bygones Be Bygones?


Swing a Melee combat prop in a 180 degree arc and call "Disengage" and take a Stagger Effect to Self.

A Moment of Clarity


With 3s of Focus you may call "Refresh All Psyche to Self." You may use this Skill even if you have 0 Psyche and/or are under a Drain Effect.

A Logical Explanation


With 1m of Focus as relevant RP, you may Touchcast "Refresh 4 Psyche" on a number of Targets equal to your Maximum Void

Academic Profession

Mandatory Fortes:

Cunning (Offense), Fortune (Defense)