With a knowledge of toxins and venoms that borders on that of an alchemist, Assassins are skilled combatants that combine stealth, poisons, and bladework to accomplish a very clear goal: the death of a specified target.

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face


You may make a Melee Attack for "Stagger"

No Backsies


So long as you can see both of the Target's shoulder blades, you may make a Melee attack for "8 Damage"

Not the Face!


Swing a Melee combat prop in a 180 degree arc and call "Disengage"

The Incredible Skulk


With 3s of Focus you may call "Imbue by Shadow." So long as you move at no more than a slow walk, if you are struck by any Ranged or Melee Attack(s) you must call "No Effect." You may not use other Skills while this Skill is active.This Skill expires when you move quickly, speak, or take a Long Rest. You may choose to Purge the Imbue at any time, calling "Purge Shadow"

All the Bottle Says is "For Special Occasions"


With 1m of Focus you may call "Grant Attack to Self: 10 Damage by Poison." The Trait is not optional for this Skill.

Assassin Profession

Optional Fortes:

Poison (Offense), Finesse (Defense)