Bandits and robbers, true, but also outlaws, scofflaws, and any number of other folk who have a ‘selective relationship’ with the Rule of Law. Brigands are individuals who have made survival their top priority, honor and ethics be damned.

Sucker Punch


So long as you can see both of the Target's shoulder blades, you may make a Melee attack for "3 Damage"

Go For the Voonerables


You may make a Melee Attack for "Agony"



With 3s of Focus, call "Grant Defense to Self: Elude." This defense will only trigger in response to Ranged Attacks

I Think I'll Pass on That


When struck by a Melee or Ranged Attack you may call "Avoid"

The Better Part of Valor


You may "Avoid" the Effects of an Event card so long as you did not intentionally become the sole Target of the Effect. ];

Brigand Profession

Optional Fortes:

Cunning (Offense), Savvy (Defense)