A generation ago, Dragoons were highly skilled mounted infantry, riding like the wind to an appointed battlefield, then dismounting to fight. Now that the horses have been eaten, Dragoons remain very skilled infantry equally at home using flintlocks or blades, only now with boots more suitable for marching.

Proper Technique


You may make a Melee Attack for "2 Damage"

Called Shot


You may either make a Ranged Attack for "3 Damage" or discharge a Flintlock for full Damage

Time to Swash Some Buckles


With 3s of Focus, call "Grant Defense to Self: Guard." This defense will only trigger in response to Melee Attacks

Double the Powder, Double the Fun


You may make a Ranged Attack for "5 Damage and Slam"

Salt and Shot


With 1m of Focus you may call "Grant Ranged Attack to Self: 5 Damage and Agony"

Dragoon Profession

Optional Fortes:

Prowess (Offense), Savvy (Defense)