Salt-of-the-earth folks more often than not, Hunters (by decision or happenstance) make their way in the world by taking game, often supplemented by trapping and service as scouts and guides to travelers or military forces.



You may either make 6 Ranged Attacks for Uncalled Damage or discharge a Flintlock for full Damage. Any unused attacks are lost when you take a Short or Long Rest

Called Shot


You may either make a Ranged Attack for "3 Damage" or discharge a Flintlock for full Damage

Tuck and Roll


When struck by a Melee Attack you may call "Reduce to Slam"

One in a Million


You may make a Ranged Attack for "10 Damage and Stagger"

Scout Ahead


You may choose to Skip an Event card on behalf of the Party. If you do, you must blind draw a second Event card. The Party must then encounter the second Event card. You may not use this Skill if the Party is encountering an Event card that is the result of a use of this Skill

Hunter Profession

Optional Fortes:

Cunning (Offense), Mettle (Defense)