Necromancers are those rare individuals able to communicate with the dead. Some are kindly souls helping the lost and the damned find their ways from this accursed coil, while others are not nearly so benevolent. In any event, Necromancers rarely do anything tangible directly, relying on their spectral minions, allies, or guardians to take care of… problems.

They're Here


You may make a Melee or Ranged Attack for "2 Damage"

In the Castle of Pain


With 3s of Focus you may make a Ranged Attack for "Agony"

Something Has Gone Very Wrong


With 3s of Focus, call "Grant Defense to Self: Elude." This defense will only trigger in response to Melee Attacks

I Ate'nt Dead


You may call "Short Purge Death and Grant 2 Protection to Self." You may use this Skill even if you are Unconscious

A Grave Situation


With 3s of Focus you may call "By My Voice 1 Damage" and then immediately call "Heal 3 to Self"

Necromancer Profession

Mandatory Fortes: