Masters of their craft, Smiths know their tools as well as they know their own limbs. Fire serves them, iron and steel bend to their will. And while Smiths can hammer foes as handily as they hammer metal, they tend towards arming and equipping their fellows rather than standing the line themselves.

Good, Fast, Cheap--Pick Two


With 30s of Focus you may Touchcast "Repair Armor"

Mighty Thews


You may make a Melee Attack for "3 Damage"

Copper Wire and Wishes


10s Touchcast Repair Weapon

Whetstones and Counterweights


With 1m of Focus you may Touchcast "Imbue by Mettle" and present the Target with a card which says "Until you take a Long Rest, all Melee Attacks you deliver for Called Damage have their total Damage increased by 1. This effect does not stack with itself."

Upgrade Plan


With 1m of Focus you may call "Imbue to Self by Mettle." You are now able to distribute a pool of 4 points of Armor via Touchcast Grants divided among 1-4 Targets. Any unused iterations of this Skill are lost when you take a Long Rest

Smith Profession

Optional Fortes:

Force (Offense), Mettle (Defense)