The rank and file. The ones who march, and fight, and die. In this world of magic and monsters, gods and demons, Soldiers are the folks who march through mud, find ways to make hardtack edible, and do their best to not to get killed while taking the fight to the enemy.

Proper Technique


You may make a Melee Attack for "2 Damage"

Leg Breaker


You may make a Melee Attack for "Maim"

Time to Swash Some Buckles


With 3s of Focus, call "Grant Defense to Self: Guard." This defense will only trigger in response to Melee Attacks

Just Roll With It


When struck by a Melee or Ranged Attack you may call "Reduce to Slam"

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance


With 1m of Focus you may call "Grant 3 Protection to Self and Grant Melee Attack to Self: 4 Damage"

Soldier Profession

Optional Fortes:

Prowess (Offense), Mettle (Defense)