Stagger & Skill Selection


We will be utilizing an additional Offensive Effect on top of the Accelerant base set. The effect is as follows:


You are left reeling by a powerful attack. You may choose to either take two steps away from the source of the attack (provided it is safe to do so Out of Game), or to take the effect as an Agony effect that lasts for 3 seconds instead of the normal 10 seconds.

Stagger is fairly easy for Players to pick up from a variety of sources, and most often runs on Aether.

Skill Selection

When building characters, players will choose a Path and a Profession. Generally, a Path will contribute 2 skills per attribute into a 'potential skill pool', while Professions will contribute 1 skill per attribute into the same 'potential skill pool.' Once a player has all of their potential skills figured out, they then select 1 skill per attribute and add those to their character for free. Additional skills may be purchased from the character's potential skill pool with Build Points, or later on with additional Character Points earned from game attendance, NPC exchanges, donations, etc.